Tuesday Adventures

Dance Class @ DanceHouse: Morning, May 14th

So on Monday I slightly injured my right ankle in our morning class.  I didn’t really notice it until after class but I think I pulled or twisted something.  I knew it was nothing major but I made a mental note to ask Elisha or Megan if they had a bandage I could borrow to wrap it with.  

Once again, up bright and early to catch the Luas to DanceHouse all on our own without our advisors (Elisha & Megan).  Being in a different country where you don’t know the area or even how to halfway understand what people are saying (even though they are speaking English!) is definitely an eye-opening experience!  We were so proud of ourselves learning our way around navigating public transportation and the streets.  ”Ha!” I thought, “We could almost be locals…almost (lol).” 

Side Note: One thing that is interesting about the city of Dublin is that it was not created on a grid.  Pretty much all of the streets twist and turn and curve.  And a lot of the streets are one way so you only have to look one way when crossing the street.  Literally.  On the ground in the crosswalk it will either tell you to <——-Look Left….with an arrow….or it will say Look Right——-> . image

Back to DanceHouse: Liv O’Donoghue (pronounced leev) was covering for Phillip today.  She decided to do a Merce Cunningham technique class.  No many people do solely Cunningham so it was nice that his technique was the focus on our class.  After going through different exercises and across the floor, we learned a contemporary sequence.  I liked this sequence because there was opposition and a lot of unnatural movements that, as a dancer, one must make fluid.  Some movements were awkward and some you really had to think about but I loved the challenge of trying to make everything flow together. 

(While we were doing the sequence in small groups, I got the inspiration for a piece that I may put together for AMBITIONS in the fall.  Now that I am passing along my main position in the exec board I hope to have more time to dance and choreograph dances and all of these different ideas for pieces keep popping in my head!  Definitely will try to narrow it down to two…maybe three…)

Dublinia & Christ Church Cathedral:
After class we decided to stop by Dublinia, an exhibit of Viking and Medieval Dublin.  It was similar to a Franklin Institute except just for three exhibits: Viking Dublin, Medieval Dublin, and History Hunters (artifacts).  Of course we had a blast taking pictures, reading about the history, and playing with the interactive props.  


*Roomie Courtney at Dublinia*

Next we were able to get a tour of Christ Church Cathedral which is one of the biggest and most popular churches in Ireland.  The architecture was simply amazing…the stained-glass windows, the archways…just lovely!  Our tour even took us up to the Belfry which was up a winding staircase of 87 small steps!  When we got to the top we were able to ring some of the bells which was really cool.  We then explored the basement which featured clothes from the Tudors TV series and beautiful statues, figures, and forms.  


The Temple Bar:

For dinner, we decided to check out the infamous Temple Bar in the Temple Bar District.  As soon as we walked in there was live Irish music and people everywhere.  We should have known that this bar was not a sit down and eat dinner place but instead a come, sit, relax  and have a drink.  Either way, we were seated in the smoke reaction which did cause some unpleasant interactions at dinner time.  I ordered a chargrilled chicken sandwich with bacon that was only so-so.  It did come with grapes and little cake treats so I was ok.  

Dinner started to get interesting when one of my peers approached the gentlemen sitting next to us to ask them to stop blowing smoke our way.  Next thing I know, the older guy that was blowing the smoke was all up on us at our table!  Lol.  First he wanted to know where we where from (you say the States, not America).  Next thing I know he’s scolding us for all drinking water!  Either way, one of his buddies joined the conversation.  This guy treated George to a Guinness (I tried it and it was very bitter) and even pulled out a guitar and started jamming right in the middle of the bar!  I definitely enjoyed the live music randomly being played in the middle of the pub.  


Tomorrow is our first master class and I have readings to do before then so Cheerio!